Create a professional ebook

Have you ever wondered how you could write an ebook quickly?

Maybe you thing creating an ebook would be a good way to earn some extra income. Or maybe you want to write  one to give away as a lead magnet so you can grow your list

Well whatever the case, if you have been thinking about writing your professional ebook, this guide will take you through the steps you need to follow.

But first let’s define what an ebooks is.

What Really Is An Ebook?

So in short an ebook is a book in digital form.  They are meant to be read on digital devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The Encyclopedia Britannica gives a detailed definition of e-book. 

E-book, in full electronic book, digital file containing a body of text and images suitable for distributing electronically and displaying on-screen in a manner similar to a printed book. E-books can be created by converting a printer’s source files to formats optimized for easy downloading and on-screen reading, or they can be drawn from a database or a set of text files that were not created solely for print”.

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

So who can create an ebook? Short answer anyone.  Just have to decide a few things like how long you want the book to be. Who you want to read it. And how you will get it to your audience. Then follow these basic steps:

Step 1. Pick A Topic to Write Your Ebook About

It just makes sense that you would pick a topic that you know about.  If you do you will spend a lot less time researching your topic.  When you decide on a topic, determine who you are writing  the book for.  Ask yourself a few questions like:

      • What Does My Audience Know About This Topic Already?
      • Do they have any formal education or knowledge? 
      • Are they in the learning stage? 
      • How does the information benefit them? 

The answers will help make a decision as to what content you will include  when you sit down to write the ebook. 

After  you are done with that it’s time to organize  your content. Break the information up into bite size pieces that make it easier to read.

Step 2. How to Quickly Customize Your Ebook Content

Just in case you already have a brand, then you want to use the colors, fonts and general styling of your brand.

If you don’t have a brand then you will need to put some work into customizing your ebook. Choose consistent fonts and colors throughout the book. 

You also want to use images that are relevant to the topic of the ebook.  And in addition, you may want to add some charts and graphics to visually emphasize your points.

Step 3. Choose A Suitable Layout For Your Ebook

ebook creatorIt’s time to decide how many pages you want the book to have and what the actual pages of your ebook look like.

The first thing you want to do here to make the process of writing the ebook  quick and easy is to make a PDF document and print if out to see what it looks like. 

This will help you determine whether you want a single column or two column layoutetc. But keep in mind that an ebook is read on digital devices so you want to make it wasy for your readers.

From the PDF file you can adjust formatting, sentence structures and other things.Your can also decide where to add your images and graphics. 

Step 4. Check Statistics and Statement Accuracy

If you made used quotes and statistics in your book re-check then for accuracy. Also credit sources for any citations you made.

Always use some copyright checker software to check for plagiarism any issues that might be hidden in your writing.

Once you are satisfied it is time to do the most important thing for your ebook. Choose a title for your book.

Step 5. Craft Enticing Title-This Shouldn't Be Done Quickly

Not only are you writing a professional ebook, you want it to be appealing to readers. So you need a title that draws their attention. 

In fact professional writers will tell you this is where the majority of your need should be spent-crafting your title. But what are the features of a good title

A good title will answer the following questions for the reader:

  • Who
  • What
  • When 
  • Where
  • Why

A good title will also be unique. It will also be captivating and lastly, it will inform the reader what your ebook is about.

To choose a title, write at least five different ones at first and keep brainstorming until you hit the perfect one.

You will know when you’ve  found the perfect title.

woman at laptop crating ebook

Step 7. Create An Attractive Cover For Your Ebook

Now this everything is in place it is easy to design a cover for the ebook you wrote. You can use Canva to do it quite easily for you.

 Canva is a free tool that you can use to create good looking images and graphics. 

You can either customize the ready made templates or you can create your ebook cover from scratch. 

There is also a pro version of Canva which offers a lot more to choose from, but the free version should be fine.

Congratulations! See How Quickly You Wrote Your Ebook

If you followed the steps, you created your own professional ebook. 

But what if all this is still  overwhelming? Well you can hire a professional to create your ebook. 

It will cost you anywhere from $500 and upwards, depending on the length and how much work is involved.

However, you could buy an ebook creation software and just plug it in. In the event that you decide to go this route, I highly recommend Sqribble.

What Is Sqribble?

Sqirbble is an ebook creation software. It does all the designing, writing, editing, formatting for every single page.

The software is packed with professional templates, seriously good looking covers, and surprisingly, is totally bug free. In fact, the whole process of creating an eBook with Sqribble is easy and smooth.

Best of all the basic software cost only US$67.00. But of course there are upsells.

But the basic plan is packed with features. Here are a few of them:

sqribble ebook software cover

    • Automatic table of contents
    • Automatic headers and footers
    • Drag and drop design
    • Automatic pagination
    • Add or delete pages
    • Add your own media
    • 300+ Google Fonts
    • 50 eBook templates (in 15 different niche categories)
    • 10 different eBook themes
    • Creates and customizes conte

If you are serious about creating a professional ebook, then make the process easy on yourself. Go with the ebook creation software. And simply get it to prospective readers when you’re done.