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So, with very little warning millions of people lives have been changed. According to the Washington Post 6.6 billion people filed for unemployment benefits in the United States for the week ending April.  If you were not one of those people, kudos to you. 

But more than likely you are facing a different challenge-that of adjusting to working from home.  Here are 6 tips to help you adjust to working from home faster.

Create A Professional Work Environment At Home

Whether you have a room or a space within a room, make sure to have a dedicated space for working. Ideally, this space should be away from high traffic areas such as kitchens and playrooms.

Having a comfortable chair is a must; especially if you will be sitting at your desk for long periods of time. Also, you want to ensure that there is proper lighting and good ventilation in your work space as well. 

Adjust to Working From Home Faster: Set A Schedule

Whether you are working your regular schedule or not, it is important that you develop a routine. Set a start time and an end time for your shift. Also, you want to be sure to take regular scheduled breaks.

 Personally, I have found it helpful to set break alarms on my phone. And whenever they sound, I shut down whatever I am doing and take the break. I find that when I return to the task, I feel more alert.

It’s also important to let others know that even though you are at home, you are working. That way they will less likely to make personal demands on your work time.

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Keep Home Routine Separate From Work Routine

This leads me to another topic. How to keep your home routine separate from your working routine. This may be especially difficult if you have smaller children.

Granted emergencies do arise and you will need to respond to them. However, it is very important that you set a separate schedule for taking care of the normal household chores. 

This may be difficult at this time because it is not easy to access outside help. But ask yourself are there any chores that can be done before you go to bed and do those.

 For example, can you pack tomorrow’s lunch while you are making dinner. Can you have the kids pick out what they want to wear the next day? or can you decide what they would like to have for breakfast in the morning?

Help Kids Adjust to Working From Home Faster Too

It’s important to remember that children have also been affected by the change in routine. Therefore, it is important to make a schedule for them too.  A number of schools are now opting for online classes at this time.

So they too need to adjust to working from home. Your jobs is to help as fast as possible.  Give them a schedule so they know how and when their will do their school work and homework should be completed.

How to Adjust to Working From Home Faster

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Then there is also the need for some form of recreation for them. Why not arrange to take minutes’ walk through the neighborhood or a few minutes ride in the car with them-just to get them out of the house. Of course, you want to practice social distancing while doing this.

Engage With Others On The Outside While Working From Home

Isolation can be depressing. Engage with others outside of your immediate surroundings.  Video conferencing platforms offer an excellent opportunity to do that.

At the same time don’t defeat the purpose of your outside interactions by talking about the current pandemic.

Find other things to chat about like how the neighbor’s children became teenagers so quickly; how you hadn’t even noticed that the empty lot two blocks over now house brand new town homes. 

Or you grandmothers pot roast recipe that you plan on trying out for dinner this Sunday. Talk about anything that will lighten the mood.

Make Some Time For Yourself

You need “me-time”. Make some. It easy to get so caught up in doing for others that we forget about doing for ourselves. Your me-time doesn’t have to be hours long. It can be just a few minutes a day that take you away from everything else that involves everyone else. So, carve out some time just for you because the last thing you want is to suffer burn out.

 Use your “me time” to read a few chapters from a book. Or you can paint your nails one of those colors your always liked but could see yourself wearing out in public.

Then too you can use this time to learn a new skill or hobby. There are tons for free training and courses on the Internet.

Statista Report



In the past few weeks, we have all experienced some form of change in our routine. This may include your being forced to work from home. The faster we can adjust to working from home, the better we will be.

This report from statista shows that our lives may never return to being “normal”.

However, the fact is that while changes can pose challenges, they can also offer opportunities. They provide a chance to reflect on our current path and chart a new course forward.

So if we adapt to our changing circumstances, take advantage of new opportunities, and moving forward, we will be fine.

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