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Speed. Security. Support. The three things to look for  when you’re shopping for hosting for a web hosting service. You won’t need to look far if you start with looking at the top rated web hosting services. 

Why do you look for these three features? Because the performance of  your website is only as good as the hosting service it lives on. Learn how important speed, security and support are to your website.

How Your Hosting Service Affects Your Website Speed

Hosting providers offer a variety of packages and plans. The most common is shared hosting. This is where multiple websites occupy one server. This plan is ideal if you have a small website if you’re just starting out.

The disadvantage is, because all these websites share a server, whatever happens to one affects all the other websites.  

To add to that, some hosting providers have so many websites on the same server that it becomes overloaded. This adversely affects the loading speed of the websites that share the server. 

Sadly there’s nothing you can do about the problem other than upgrading to your plan or migrating to another hosting service. It really is a no win situation.

The Relationship Between Security and Web Hosting

Even more important than the loading speed of your website is its security. It no secret that your website is vulnerable to brute force attacks

Your hosting service can be your ally when it comes to the security of your website. How so?

 You need a web hosting provider that has security measures in place to protect your site against attacks from bad people. 

These measures should include:

  • Scheduled server maintenance
  • Firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL protection.
  • Malware detection
  • Unauthorized user access

You shouldn’t have to pay extra for any of these features. These are services that should be standard security features offered by any decent website hosting service you buy. 

What about support?

Support Offered By Your Website Hosting Provider

This one is especially critical if you are a new website owner. There’s no question about it, you are going to need support-whether your creating a new website or migrating one you own.

You will also need support to make simple tweaks or configurations. 

When those situations arise, that’s not the time you want to be told that your plan doesn’t cover that. Or worse yet you submit a ticket and wait 24 hours before you get a reply.

Before you purchase any web hosting service, be sure to check out their customer reviews.

So where do you find an affordable web hosting service that delivers all three of these important features. Check out Siteground Web Hosting Service.

Benefits of Using Siteground For Hosting Your Website

Siteground offers three different website hosting plans:

StartUp Plan. Host 1 website. You get 10 GB of webspace and 10,0000 monthly visits. You also get a Free SSL, Free CDN, Free Email, Daily Backups. 

The GrowBig Plan.  Unlimited websites with 20GB of webspace and 25,000 visitors per month. There are also on-demand backups, Speed-boosting caching and Staging available with this plan. All the  features in the StartUp Plan are also included in this plan. 

GoGeek Plan. Here you get unlimited websites as well as 40GB of space to “geek out”. This is in addition to  all the features included in the other two plans. You also get Ultrafast PHP, Priority Support, The highest Tier of Resources.

The biggest benefit is not siteground servers live on Google cloud. This means when you purchase hosting service from Siteground you get Cloud hosting services without the cloud hosting price.

What Actual Users Are Saying About Siteground Hosting Service

7910 Trustpilot Ratings (4.7)

“I had the best support experience today with Diana. She answered and explained my questions in a very clear and kind way. I came to upgrade hosting but her help also made me register a domain and IP protection. I was planning on getting it somewhere else but Diana made it much more convenient to do everything here with you” 🙂

Emile Ruig (

5.0 out of 5.0


“Atanas said ‘it’s all in a day’s work’ for him but I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for him helping me tonight when I somehow managed to lose my entire site and weeks of work.

Tech isn’t easy for me but tonight within 20 mins Atanas has reminded me why I continue to use SiteGround, for the excellent customer service and he never made me feel like an idiot which quite frankly I’m sure I am to manage to lose an entire site lol!

Fantastic service, really can’t say enough good things about Atanas!! Thank you again and have a lovely day”.

Laura Dodd 2 Dec 2020

5.0 out of 5.0

Alex was super helpful! I was really worried about losing my business email however he was very understanding and was very efficient. Excellent customer service and he really showed how much he cared to help resolve this issue! Definitely giving him 5 stars!

Joana Maas 25 Jan 2021

5.0 out of 5.0

That support starts the moment you enroll in a Siteground plan.  They will migrate an existing website for you if you are not comfortable doing it with their migrator plugin.

And if you do not have a website already they will give you the tools and support you need to launch your own new site.

Siteground Web Hosting Service Pricing

So what do all the cool features offered by siteground Web hosting cost? Here is the pricing table. Siteground Web Hosting Pricing

You will notice there is a deep discount being offered at the moment. There is also a 30 money back guarantee. This is a limited time offer for new Siteground subscribers.

Go ahead and sign up for a Siteground Hosting Plan.

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