Here's What You Need to Know, Content Creation Is Important for Your Business

Are you struggling to keep up with creating content for your online business? You want to give up but you know content creation so important to for your business success.  

Before we go further let remind ourselves what content creation. After that we will look at different types of content you as a business owner should be creating. Finally we will look at how content creation is linked to the survival of our business.

So lets’ learn how to create some amazing content for your website!

What Is Content Creation?

Content creation is using different medium to tell your story. Every business has a story and the way that story is told determines who and how it resonates with your audience and how it will motivate them.

There are different methods you can use to create content to tell your story. However, the content you produce will be either written, audio or video content. Because these are the most popular form of content on the internet.

The Importance of Creating the Right Content

It is important that your content creation serves a specific purpose. This purpose will often dictate the type of content you produce.

 For example ask yourself, “What do I want to get from this piece of content that I am producing?

Here are a few  reasons for creating content:

      • Reach a specific audience
      • Build brand recognition
      • Get engagement
      • Rank higher in search results
      • Drive conversions

Once you have clearly defined objectives you will know what media is the best use to create the content you want.

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The Importance of Creating Written Content

Now let’s talk about some popular media for producing your created content.

Creating Written Content. Articles, blog posts, and ebooks are the most common  written content. These are long form content.

gold pen

Although they have s similar format, the objective for using each one is different.

How so?

Articles are generally written to inform the reader about a particular topic.

They are not written with a specific person in mind. So anyone interested a particular topic may find an article enjoyable.

And they do not necessarily require the reader to take an action one way or another after reading an article.

Blog Posts on the other hand, are written with a specific audience in mind. Usually blog post are used to attract and connect with people who share a specific interest.

The goal of a blog post is to  build and maintain a connection with a specific audience.

These posts are mostly educational and informative in nature.

Generally a reader is asked to take some form of action after reading a blog post.

These actions may include sharing with other interested persons or taking a look something else related to the post.

Ebooks. When it comes to ebooks usage in digital marketing, they are almost always educational. Because ebooks are longer form of written content, they help the reader get a clearer understanding of particular subject.

  For that reason ebooks are more indept than blog posts.

Creating written content is important and should be included in your content marketing strategy

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Visual Content Content Is Also Important for Your Business

I’m sure you’ve l  heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words’. That’s why images play a big role with you think about crating content.

Because we are visual creatures, images drive home the point more quickly.

That being said, the images you use need to be relevant to the subject you are discussing.  Related images make it a lot easier for the reader to make the connection.

Charts and graphs. They are great visual aids as well . This is  especially true when trying  to get your reader to grasp mathematical concepts and relations.

blue and yellow graphics with marketing date

 Infographics: We normally use them to break down statistical data into forms for reader. Information presented in infographics can be more easily remembered.

Videos.  This is an extremely popular form of content creation. Here we go again, we are visual creatures.

 Platforms like YouTube, are filled with teaching and informational video.

And it doesn’t take a large investment to start creating video content. If face you can use you smart phone to create a decent video within minutes.

Whatever niche you’re in, creating videos is an great and easy way to connect with any audience.

Creating Audio Content Is Now the Way to Go

Podcasts. They are the modern day version of  radio broadcasts. A Podcaster can talk to an audience about anything he/she knows and they are interested in at any time.

Podcast are very “in” at the moment and anyone which a “mic” can start a podcast about any topic.

 Podcasts are great for building relationships. Here are some interesting facts about podcast.

In a survey conducted by in January 2021, they found some interesting facts.

There are currently over 1,750,000 podcasts and over 43 million episodes.

The survey looked at the listening habits of podcast listeners. Here are some  interesting facts about the habits of podcast listeners in 4 countries, the US, Canada, Australia and Italy.

More Fast Facts-Podcast Stats

91% of podcast listening is done at home Canada)

90% of podcast listening is done at home (United States)

81% of podcast listening is done at home(Australia)

78% listen at home(Italy)

81% of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads

64% listen while driving (United States)

35% listen while driving (Canada)

45% listen in a vehicle )Australia)

30% listen in a car (Italy)

Using this media for content creation that is really worth looking into in 2021 as more people turn to the internet for solutions.


We have looked at the main types of content at you should be creating. Lets us remind ourselves of why creating content is important.

      • It connects us with the people we want to reach
      • Our content provides value.
      • We build trust and loyalty
      • It helps drive sales and conversions.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below:

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