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Why You Should Start A Home Based Business

Why start a home based business. Because it’s super easy and a home based business may be just what you need to recover from the ravages of 2020.  Plus..

      • You have a marketable skill
      • Your budget is tight
      • You’re still under lockdown
      • You lost your job
      • More people are online than ever before

But you may be asking…

Is A Home Based Business Right For Me?

Working form home during the pandemic taught us one thing. We either love it or we hate it.  So here’s how to know if a running a business from home is right for you.

You don’t miss that dreadful commute to and from work. Five o clock comes before you realize it. You’re happier now at work than you have ever been.

If you answered yes, it’s time to use the pandemic to your advantage. Start a home based business.

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Lay The Foundation For Your Business

Set clear goals. It does not matter what size your goal is, it needs to be clear and concise. This will help you stay on course when the going gets rough. (And they will if you’re starting out).

Lay down a precise action plan and stick with it. This goes a long way in you achieving your goal.

Develop marketing strategy. Define your target audience and craft the perfect message for them.

Find your audience. Identify where your target audience hangs out. Learn how to reach then where they meet.

Brand Your Business From the Start

Building a brand from the get go is very important. You need recognition to create loyalty and trust. Consistent branding helps your customer get to know you better.

Branding includes online assets such as your logo, website, social media profiles. But it includes your messaging as well.

Boost Your Business Online Presence

Some simple steps to boost your online presence include:

Create a website.  A website gives you control. Only you determine what and how to communicate with your audience from your website.

Share relevant content. Take full advantage of social media platforms to share information about your business. Point them back to your website for more details.

Foster engagement.  Request feedback by asking for reviews, comments, surveys and polls.

Speaking of polls here are some fun facts about online shoppers and why you should start selling online.

Recent Poll Results from an NPR Poll

  • 44% of online shoppers say Amazon is their first stop when making an online purchase
  • 88% like online shopping because of ability to shop day or night and ability to find a product easily
  • 36% of men, who have shopped online, purchased an item with a price tag of $1,000 or more, which is twice as many as women (18%) who did the same
  • 78% like online shopping because they don’t have lines of people

Source: NPR.Org

Attract More People to Your Home Business

Social Media.  Schedule your social media posts using scheduling software or a content calendar. Determine the right time to post to each platform. Ask users and followers to share your posts.

Email Marketing. Capture users emails address (get their permission first) and continue engaging with them.  Also build long-term relationships through newsletters and notifications.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This takes time to work but you can get priceless free traffic to your business with this method.  So, learn how to increase your visibility in search engines with SEO.

Grow Your Home Based Business With Digital Marketing

Expand your reach across different channels using paid advertising to get faster results. You may also want to focus on local clients and customers. That’s because movement is still restricted in some places.

Many people are also in a “support local business” mindset, so use this to your advantage.

Additional Benefits of Starting A Home Based Business

Not only is it easy to start a business from home, it is cheap too.

  • It only takes a small amount of money to start
  • You only need a skill, a laptop and good wifi connection
  • There’s no need to buy new equipment
  • Your business isn’t tied to any one location
  • You set your own work schedule-morning, noon or night

Here’s to your success with your home business. Still need some Guidance? Download this free ebook “Set Your Business Up For Success.”  Click the button.

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