Free website content ideas

Are you searching for free website content?  Do you want to upgrade your website  but you’re on a budget.

Even though you may not have a lot to invest, it is important that you have very qood quality content on your website.


You’ve probably heard the saying “content is king.” If that’s the case, the good website content is the mother of kings. So having great content on your site is critical to your being successful online.

But what exactly are we talking about here when we say good content?

Lets see.

When we refer to online website content we are not talking about content marketing where the goal is to attract conversions.  We are talking about the information your visitor sees when they come to your site.

What Makes Up High Quality Website Content

Web content can be  made up of textual, aural and visual elements. And they can either be static or dynamic. 

Examples of these elements include posts and articles, audio clips and podcasts, images and infographics, as well as GIFs and videos.

Two Sources of Free Online Website Content

Of course like everything else on the internet, you can find paid as well free website content. You just need to know where to look for the free ones. 

But before you begin the search, keep in mind that all content on your site should be there because it provides benebit to your users. They should be:

  • Educational
  • Engaging
  • Motivational

To ensure that the content on your site lives up to expectation, we want to ensure they are put in the most appropriate places.

blue and grey list of web content tupes

To ensure this is the case, we will first determine what your overall goal should be.  This will dictate the best placement for each piece of content on your site.

First to determine the purpose of your website, take the following steps:

    • Clarify your mission. Decide who you really want to help and how you will help them?
    • Define your goal. Ask yourselfWhat is it I am trying to achieve?”
    • Communicate a natural way. Talk to people in a way that allows people to build a connection with you as a person. Although not everyone is going to bond with you, those who do will stick around.
    • Provide a solution. Restate prospects’ problems so it becomes clear to both you and them. You want to do this because something that is  perceived to be the problem may not be the problem at all.
    • Bring proof to the table. Use feedback and testimonials so that prospects can see that your solution benefits others.

Where to Find Free Text-Based Content

Pinterest is one of the best places on the internet to look for written content that you can use as a guide to create your own. 

What makes Pinterest so great? 

Because Pinterest is a search engine where tons of bloggers and other content creators post their work every day. 

If you type a keyword in the search bar you will be presented with tons of suggestions for people, pins, topics in that niche. 

I have found the easiest thing to do is click on related pins to my search. They take me through to the owners website. That way I can see how the site is structured and the layout of the content. 

You can use these as examples for your own website.

Five Fast Facts-Pinterest Stats-2020

Number of Users

  • 320+ Million people used Pinterest.

Pinterest Use by Gender

  • 71 percent of users were female

Finding Ideas

  • 85 percent of users search for ideas on pinterest

Average Income of Pinterest Users

  • 41 percent earn more than US$75,000 per year

Buying Decisions and Users

  • 60 percent of buyers began product research on Pinterest

Another Source of Good Textual Content for Your Website

Quora is another Website to get Free Textual Content Ideas.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform.  The platform claims to have 300 million users. This means   millions of questions being answered on Quora monthly. 

If you want to benebit from Quora, simply aign up for a free account and start following some people in your niche. 

You will start to notice what common questions people have.  You can incorporate the answers  in text-based content on your own website. 

On a side note if people are looking for answers on Quora,  most likely they are also using search engines like Google to find answers.

Remember this is not telling you to copy and paste other people’s content on your website. You  just want to get ideas that you can implement on your own website.

Fast Website Traffic

Free Visual Content Ideas for Your Website

This may come in the form of music or videos.

Like everything else there are many platforms that give you the opportunity to use music from their website.

And there are so many different genres for you to pick from. However, note  that not all the music or videos on a platform is free to use. So do the research.

One platform that may not readily come to mind is Youtube. Yes, you can get copyright free content on youtube.

If you go to Youtube and search music under creative commons license, you may be presently surprised at what is available to use for free.

Now that you have all this good website content, what will you do with it?

Let’s talk about good content pages, shall we?

Ideas for Where to Place Your Site Content

There are some key pages that you want to make sure have some of the best content on your website.


Because you want to give your users the best experience. These pages are:

    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • Contact  Page
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Must Have Features of These Web Pages

Content on these web pages should have the following features:

Allow easy navigation. You want users to easily go from one section of your site to another. This contributes to longer dwell time which is a search engine ranking factor.

Tell People what you do. This immediately weeds out those who are not looking for what you have to offer.

Multiple contact options. Ensure that your visitors have at least two different ways of contacting you if they want to.

Permit user feedback and reviews. Let prospects know what other users say about their experience on your website.

Give your website legitimacy.  A Privacy Policy, Terms of use and appropriate Disclaimer are some of the must have legal pages on your website.


So now you have all these ideas for free website content, it’s time to implement them.  The most important thing to keep in mind here is you want your users to have the best possible experience on your website.

With that in mind, make sure your content is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Encourage them to give feedback and share feelings and ideas with you. And when they do so, be sure to acknowledge them.

Give clear directions as to what their next step should be once they consume a piece of your content.

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