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FluentCRM WordPress Email Marketing Automation Plugin

This is a review of the FluentCRM email marketing WordPress plugin.  It is an email  marketing automation plugin for self hosted WordPress Users.

FluentCRM was created by WP Manage Ninja, who also created the popular Fluent forms plugin. And although plugin is new, packs a whole lot of punch.  I predict it will shortly be the go to software for WordPress users looking to automate their email marketing. 

So let’s take a look at some of what FluentCRM has to offer.

How FluentCRM Works With WordPress

You install and activate FluentCRM like you would any other WordPress plugin. Click the dashboard and you will be taken to this screen. From here you can create the magic of email marketing automation.

When you log in you will be taken to a screen similar to this one.

Screenshot of fluentcrm dashboard


Things You Can Do From Here

Contact Import

Webhook Integration

A/B Testing

Custom HTML Editor

10+ Benchmark Actions

Activity Filtering

All SMTP Supported

Campaign Insights

25+ Event-based Triggers 

GDPR Compliant

User Activity Monitoring

WooCommerce Integration

Free Integration With Other Marketing Tools

If you run a membership, ecommerce, or subscription site you will really be happy to learn that FluentCRM integrates with some of the leading marketing and automation tools.

marketing tools for fluentcrm integration

You can add others like Paid Membership Pro, Elementor, Member Press to the list. and the list is growing by the day.

Three Spotlight Features of This FluentCRM Review

This review would be worth doing if FluentCRM only offered the run of the mill features found in other email marketing software.  However there are three features that make this tool shine.

Segment and Automate Using SmartLinks in FluentCRM

What if you have a special link that you want to share with your email subscribers, paste in a landing page or in a group. And whenever someone clicks that link, you want to automatically add them to  a specific list or tag. Or just add them to a specific marketing campaign.

Now you can do that using the new SmartLinks feature in FluentCRM. And here’s the kicker, you can generate as many special URLs as you want and use them  wherever you want. 

Free SMTP Plugin for FluentCRM Users

WordPress has a default mailing functionality. When you use the WordPress default mailing your are actually sending mail from your server.

This can dramatically slow down your website performance. However, when you use an SMTP plugin leverages the task of sending emails to an external SMTP server. So sending large amounts of emails doesn’t affect your website’s speed.

FluentSMTP let’s you connect with any other SMTP services and hosts for sending emails.

Below are some servers you can connect to:

SMPT connection list of fluentcrm

Spotlight Feature Number Three of This FluentCRM Review

FluentCRM stores all the data in custom database tables so it will never bloat your default WP Database tables.

 But there comes a time when you don’t need old logs data like sent email records, click, and email open logs.

FluentCRM ler’s you easily remove those old logs to  free up space for your database using a few simple mouse clicks.

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FluentCRM Pricing

The majority of email marketing service providers base their prices on a tiered structure. FluentCRM has the same model.

Their pricing starts at $129 per year for one domain and unlimited emails. It goes up to $499 per year for 50 domains.

Compare that to Mail Chimp whose Essential package starts at around  $10 per month capped at 500 subscribers and Active Campaign where the pricing starts at $20 per month and a 500 subscribers cap as well.

You do the math and see the saving you get on top of all the other benefits you use FluentCRM for your email marketing autonation.

What Users Are Saying About FluentCRM


Here are a few reasons you may want  take a serious look at FluentCRM Email marketing automation plugin for WordPress.

    1. Manage marketing from within your WordPress website. 
    2. Track campaign performance.
    3. Ditch costly monthly fees for email. marketing.
    4. Beginner friendly set up. 
    5. Easy integration with popular marketing automation tool.

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