Are you looking for a way to make your email marketing  campaigns more successful?  Email marketing automation tools can have a huge effect on any marketing effort.

This article we will offer some helpful suggestions you can use to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing channels used by many businesses to market their offers online. 

This channel provides an effective way to connect with your target audience, promote brand awareness, and build trust and loyalty. Email automation is like running your email campaigns on steroids.

Automated  mail campaigns give you the ability to track their performance more closely. You can also monitor audience behavior to deliver a more personalized experience. 

Of course, this leads to building trust brand loyalty which in turn results in increased profitability.

Goal Setting For Automating Your Email Marketing

One of the first things you need to do is have a clear picture in mind as to what it is you want to achieve with email marketing. Asking yourself the following questions will help you clarify your goals.

Bird carrying email

  • What do I have to offer?
  • Who can I offer it to?
  • How will my offer benefit people?
  • Where can I find the people looking for my offer?
  • How will I benefit form automating my campaigns?

Once you have clear answers to these questions then it’s time to start putting your marketing automation strategy in place.

How to Start Your Email Marketing Automation

 Even before you send the first email you need to have a list of people to send it to. But before you get that list you are going to have to get people’s email addresses and their permission to send then emails.


Because before you can start building an email list you  have to get people to give you their email addresses. Not only that, they have to give you permission to send emails to them.

The way to get their emails is to offer them an incentive to willingly give it to you. That incentive is referred to as a “lead magnet” in the online marketing world. But what can you use to entice people to give you their information? You can give them a lead magnet.

Now you are wondering what are lead magnets. They are “value pieces” that can help your prospective customer overcome an obstacle.


Why Lead Magnets Are Important to Your Marketing Automation

These value pieces can be as simple as a  “How to Guide” that sets out a sequence of steps your prospect can follow to get a specified result. On the other hand, they can be as complex as a free full blown training course.

The main purpose of lead magnets is to provide value in exchange for subscribers information.  That’s why they are important.

So, before you start to create one, be sure you are knowledgeable enough about a subject to share the information in a way that will benefit the subscriber.

Email Automation Process

email marketing automation steps

How to Create Lead Magnets for Subscribers

It is easy for you to create your own value piece, just use the knowledge and skills you have. However, if you are unable to create your own lead magnet you can find marketplaces like fiverr where you get an expert to create one for you for a small charge. 

Whatever the case,  always remember the purpose of  the lead magnet. It is to let someone subscribe to your list by giving you their email address so can market to them later. So keep lead magnets relevant to the offer.

Email Marketing Automation Capture Mechanisms

Next you need a device  to capture the emails.  This is usually an opt in form, a comment box, a survey form, or some other method that asks for their email address in return for the lead magnet

Now that you can capture emails, you will need a place to store them. That place will either be an autoresponder of Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. Now you’re asking what these are.

They are huge databases that store the emails you collected. you will be able to communicate with your email subscribers from these databases. 

However, there is some difference between an autoresponder and a CRM and I will briefly explain the below.

Email Autoresponder. This software collects emails and other requested data from people who subscribe.  you will be able to acknowledge the subscription immediately as well as send the subscriber a subsequent series of emails that were already loaded in the autoresponder.

However, the role of traditional autoresponders is expanding to include some features that are found in CRMs.

Customer Relations Management (CRM). Software that takes subscriber personalization to the next level. These tools you complete control over how you manage and interact with your email subscribers.

Therefore, you can put subscribers in groups, decide which  group gets to see a specific offer, and automatically send emails to specific individuals or groups.

Whether you choose to use an autoresponder or a CRM depends on what your email marketing and automation strategies are both now and in the future.

Fast Facts - Email Marketing STATS

Some interesting facts about email marketing curated by You Can Check it out here.

There are 4 billion email users.

93.6% of the internet users aged 25-44 in the US use email.

Email is the preferred promotion channel for 60% of consumers.

65% of email users check their email three times every day.

87% of marketers use email marketing to distribute their content

Email marketing has an ROI of 3,800%.

Personalized campaigns are responsible for 75% of email revenue.


Recommended Email Marketing Automation Tools

However let me  tell you about some tools I currently use for my email marketing automation.

Fluent Forms: By wpmanageninga this is one of the fastest growing capture forms for WordPress users. Some features of this software:

  • Smart Conditional Logic Form Fields
  • Conditional Confirmation Messages
  • Build 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Forms and Contact Forms.
  • Reusable Templates for All kinds of Forms including many contact forms.

 Google Forms: I Google forms to create surveys. All you need is a regular google account to create a survey form. I connect to a Google sheet and it stores date a people who respond to my survey.

 Get Response: If you are promoting an offer using a landing page, to email lists or on a website, I recommend Get Response:.

  • It is beginner friendly
  •  Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Cost effective at $15 monthly for up to 1000 subscribers
  • Great Customer support
  • Offers a 30 day free trial

FluentCRM: WordPress Plugin created by Wpmanagenija. FluentCRM connects directly with your WordPress Website.  This CRM gives WordPress users complete control over their email marketing.

  • Truly GDPR Compliant since your data does need third party connection
  • It integrates with software likeBuddyboss, Elementor, Zapier Mailchimp and others.
  • You can create and track email marketing funnels right in your website 
  • Ability  to send bulk emails using Amazon SES

Structure Your Emails to Improve Results

Now that you have the email marketing automation tools you need, you should create emails that will make it easy to automate your email campaigns as well as increase your income.

Here are some tips:

Headline: A headline that catches attention. Your headline will determine whether your emails are opened or not. Make it appealing and relevant to your subscriber. 

 Email Body. The Body content must be clear, precise and well laid out.  Use in your own voice to write in a friendly, conversational manner. Avoid huge blocks of texts. They are difficult to read.

Use images and illustrations.  It is easier to hold the subscriber’s attention with well thought out relevant images  They aid with learning and retention.

 If you are trying to impress something on your subscriber mind, images and illustrations are great aids.

Calls to Action: Provide clear calls to actions.  If you don’t tell your subscriber what you want them to do, they won’t do anything.  If you ask them to do too many things, they won’t do anything.

 So give them instructions on how  to take one step at a time.

Make it easy: Provide links so subscribers can easily click through to your website or wherever you want them to go. direct them how to do so.

Let them unsubscribe:. Nobody likes to feel trapped. Plus legal regulations give people the right to know why and how you are using their information. It also allows them to cancel any permission they may have given you at any time they choose.

 Just keep in mind that if you provide useful content there’s no need to fear all your subscribers abandoning you.

HubSpot has some great blog posts about email marketing. Check them out here.


 Start building an email list as soon as possible. But be sure you are complying with legal regulations relating to the use of peoples information.

First get people’s permission before adding them to your list.

Offer an enticement so people will be eager to give you their email address. Always allow them option to unsubscribe from your list. 

Don’ be too salesy or too aggressive.  Provide value that will keep your subscriber coming back. And finally, keep track of how your campaign is performing.

Test, make adjustments, test some more and keeping testing your marketing campaigns. 

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