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The Five Most Popular Digital Marketing Channels

 Are you a non-marketer looking to become a digital marketing expert? Well this article is for you because we will discuss five of the most popular digital marketing channels. 

The Five Most Popular Digital Marketing Channels

 Digital Marketing literally puts the world at a marketer’s fingertips.

With just a few clicks of button a Digital Marketer can have his/her product or service in front of an enormous number of prospective customers around the globe.

And truth be told, it doesn’t matter if that Marketer is a stay at home mom working from a laptop at her dining table or is an expert Marketer working for a million-dollar enterprise.

So, then what is digital marketing?  If you are a non-marketer how can you become an expert at digital marketing.

Continue reading to learn how you can use digital marketing to your advantage in your business.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses the Internet to get products and services in front of prospective buyers. It employs electronic devices such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones to advertise products and services.  Here’s how Investopedia defines digital marketing.

There are a number of different channels or strategies used in digital marketing. Below we will look at five of them to help you determine which ones you can start implementing in your marketing efforts now.  First, we will look at content marketing.

Content Marketing Is One Of The Most Popular Digital Marketing Channels

Content marketing is the creation and publication of content geared toward a specific audience. Some content marketing tools include ebooks, videos, podcasts, blog posts, and reports. The aim of content marketing is not to promote you brand, instead its role is to provide value to your target audience by educating them and answering any questions they have.

However, if content a marketer provides content that is of high value to his audience, that audience will like and consume this content. The audience will also keep coming back for more. In the long-term this leads to trust and builds brand loyalty.


Email Marketing Is Another Widely Used Digital Marketing Channel

This takes us to our next popular marketing channel, email marketing. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most cost-effective for acquiring leads and converting them into paying customers.  According one study, email marketing provides the best bang for your marketing buck. So, what is email marketing?

email marketingEmail marketing starts with you getting prospective customers to give you their email address. This is accomplished by your offering them something enticing which will tempt them to hand over their email address. 

After you have received their email addresses, you compile of off the subscribes begin sending them a series of emails-referred to as a “sequence”. The sequence starts with a welcome email and usually ends with your pitching a product. You determine how many emails are in your sequence and how long the sequence lasts.

Increasing Traffic: The Main Purpose of An Email Sequence

An email sequence serves to addresses the subscribers pain point, educate them about available solutions and give proof of effective results. These results come from the product you are offering them.

Once you have crafted good email sequence the next step is to load it into and Autoresponder and schedule the delivery of the emails. Some Marketers schedule email delivery every day, every other day or weekly. However, the caution is not to overwhelm your email subscribers by sending them too many emails.

 You should also provide them an option to unsubscribe from receiving your email. But remember your job is to get your subscribers to look forward to receiving your emails.  Hubspot.com has come great blog posts on hot to make the best of email marketing. Check them out.

Social Media Marketing Is Popular Among Digital Marketers

Social media marketing is the utilization of social media platforms for digital marketing. Five of the most popular platforms used by Digital Marketers are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.  The goal here is to use these platforms to connect with your targeted audience by gaining followers and engaging with these followers.

Social media is great at connecting you with tons of people who are interested in what you have to offer because you can join groups and communities or contribute to forums. The outcome you are looking for is the create awareness of your brand, get people to visit your offer, and eventually buy your products.

man on social mediaStart social media marketing by building a strong social presence.  Create an identifiable presence across all your social media platforms so that your followers will recognize and engage with you. Learn what problems they have and offer solutions. This way you present yourself as an expert. Encourage them to like and share your posts whenever they find them valuable. This creates an excellent opportunity to gain more followers for free.

You can also run paid advertising on most social media platforms. Just learn how to use the different platforms to best reach your target audience. So, now we will take a look at another popular marketing is channel used for digital marketing-affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is the Most Popular of All Digital Marketing Channels

If you are a new digital marketer, affiliate marketing is by far the easiest channel to start your digital marketing journey. What makes affiliate marketing so easy is you don’t have to create your own product to get started. According the Mediakix.com, about 81 percent of brands on the internet employ some form of affiliate marketing in their digital marketing efforts.  Therefor it’s easy to find products to promote. Affiliate products can be found either through networks such as Clickbank or directly from the companies themselves.

affiliate marketing productsSo, what is affiliate marketing? Put simply affiliate marketing is a product owner wants to get his product out to buyers.

An affiliate marketer agrees to sell that product for him/her in exchange for being paid a commission.

You can make a ton of money with this model. The key is learning how to become good at it.

How to Master The Affiliate Marketing Channel

There are three keys to success as an affiliate marketer. They are knowing:

  • Choose the right products.
  •  Stack products so you can earn multiple commissions from different products.
  •  Get your affiliate products in front of people who are actively searching for them.

Once you have mastered those three skills you a make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

SEO As A Digital Marketing Channel

Of all the digital marketing channels we have looked at, this may the most challenging one. But I personally think it is the most powerful tool you can use in your digital marketing strategy. So, what really is search engine optimization-SEO?

 When a user asks Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine a question, the search engine determines which sites provides the best answers to that users’ question. Each search engine has what is called and an “algorithm” which is basically a set of rules and processes they follow to determine which websites are most useful in giving a suitable answer to the users, question

SEO womanThis is how the search engines, for example Google, determine which website to show.

In other words, search engines use algorithm to rank websites usefulness.

When you ask Google a question and it sends you to a page with the top ten answers, Google has ranked those sites the best ones to give you the most satisfying answer.  

 Now, because there are millions of active websites on the Internet, the chances of your website automatically coming up on the first page of the search engine are very slim. In addition, the majority of searchers only look for answers on the first page of the search results.  That is why it is so important to optimize your site so that it comes as closely as possible in line with the search engine’s algorithm that way you have a chance of showing up in search results.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization-SEO-In Digital Marketing

There are two major benefits of optimizing your site for search engines:

  1. When users search for answers, they have a clear intent. They are either looking for information about a particular product or they want to make a purchase. Because of the users’ intent you have a greater chance of getting leads that convert into sales.
  2. If optimized properly you have a huge opportunity to literally get your product in front of a global marketplace. This can result a huge amount of traffic to your site at little or no cost.

One way to increase your website ranking is to use special keywords. That involves doing keyword research to learn what people and searching for on the Internet.  When you identify what they are typing in the search bar, create a list of keywords that are popular search terms and the optimize your site for those terms.

SEOThe three main things you want from your keywords are how many people are searching for them.

How relevant they are to what the searcher is looking for. And how easy or difficult it is to rank for those keywords. 

There are a number of tools that can help you accomplish this.

On Page SEO Best Practices for Popular Digital Marketing

Start by creating content to have your keyword in it.  Below are some places on your page where you want your keywords to appear.

Your Title Tag. This is the description that appears at the very top of your browser. A good rule of thumb is to make your title tag between 50 and 60 characters

Alt Attributes. These describe images on your page. Wherever possible add your keywords into your description. Just be sure they fit in naturally and don’t over use them.

Your Page Body Content. Ensure that your page content is high quality, unique content. It appears that some search engines like content that has a higher word count.

Meta Description.  This really and brief summary of what your page is about. Although this does not always show up in search results, if you have a great description your visitors are more likely to click on yours.

But, always keep in mind that this content must be valuable to the searcher. After all search engines exist to satisfy the searchers desire. 

Technical SEO Best Practices

Here are a few technical steps you can take to push your site upward in search engine rankings.

 Page load speed. The average time your page takes to load is very important. If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load the user will likely click away.  To speed your page load time, make sure images are optimized – larger images take longer to load.

Also, Google has an excellent tool that can help you see and fix issues that are affecting your page load speed.

Google toolsMobile user friendly. Search is changing. Now the majority of people who visit your site will do so using a mobile device. That’s why it is important that your pages render correctly on mobile devices.

In fact, google recently updated its’ algorithm to include mobile friendliness as a requirement for getting your site to rank higher.

If you are a website owner the majority of themes now make it easy for you to optimize your pages for mobile traffic.

 Building links to and from your site. This is an important step to getting you site in the search engine ranks. As you create high quality content link to other high authority sites. Eventually your content will get noticed.

You should also create “internal links” to content on your own website.

Avoid Duplicate Content. That is placing identical or very similar content on different pages. Search engines frown upon this practice. 

Although this problem may be difficult to diagnose, especially if you have a large website with a huge number of pages. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help you to identify duplicate content and fix the problem.

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  1. First, we talked about Content Marketing which involves creating different forms of content that bring value to subscribers.
  2. Second, we discussed email marketing where an email sequence is used to educate subscribers and eventually convert them into customers.
  3. Third, we discussed social media marketing and how different social media platforms can be used to attract potential customers.
  4. Fourth, we talked briefly about affiliate marketing. This is by far the most popular channel of digital marketing because it takes so little to get started.
  5. Lastly, we went a bit into Search Engine Optimization -SEO and how to use it in digital marketing efforts. Although this was a bit deeper than the other channels, we barely scratched the surface.

However, if you are just starting out as a Digital Marketer, don’t become overwhelmed. Just choose one channel and master it the move on to the next one.  Before long, you will be an expert Digital Marketer.

So, here’s to your success and if you found this helpful, please share it and follow us on social media.

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