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You can build a WordPress website site all on your own just by following this Guide.

When I first started online, I began with affiliate marketing. Like most beginners, I was a complete novice and so I searched for people I could follow and learn from. 

 One of the people I followed always said “You Need Your Own Home On the Internet if you want to be successful.”

 I took his advice and created a website from scratch. And now I am glad I did. 

Here’s Why You Need to build a WordPress Website

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Entrepreneurs like control. Having your own website gives you the control you like. In fact, your site and your email list are the only two things you have complete control of online. They are your most valuable assets. Why is that so? 

Because, it doesn’t matter how many online followers you may have, they are controlled by the platform they are members of. Those platforms that determine which of your followers will see your posts and other communication.

 And heaven forbid one platform decides to update it’s their algorithm overnight. You could wake up tomorrow morning with absolutely no followers.

These are just a few of reasons  you need your own place on the internet.

In this article we  will show how to build your own website. And nowadays it is very easy to build a website using WordPress. However, before we start, let’s clarify a couple of things.

 We are going to be building a site using WordPress.Org. not Here’s the difference?

The Difference Between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org

Most people hear WordPress and conclude there is just one platform. But WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org are actually two separate, unrelated platforms.

 Wpbeginner has an extensive article on the difference between the two platforms. But in a nutshell here are the basic differences between them.

WordPress.Com is a commercial company  in the business of hosting wordpress blogs. Hence the .com at the end of the name.  

Here’s how it works. Bloggers can start a blog on the platform for free. But they face some limitations as to what they can do otherwise.

For example,  these bloggers are not free to use any themes or use plugins they choose  to customize their blogs any way they want. They need  to purchase products to get that flexibility. logo

WordPress.Org:  On the other hand WordPress.Org is free open source software.So anyone can use, alter, modify, share whatever they build on the  platform. However, you do need your own hosting.  Therefore, WordPress.Org is often referred to as self-hosted WordPress. 

Self-hosted WorPpress powers more than a third of all websites on the internet.

Because of its popularity and relative ease of use we’ll build our website using WordPress.Org.

Tools You Need to Start Building Your WordPress Website

Domain. This is the name of your website.  If you don’t fully understand what a domain is and how to get one, check out my blog post here.

Hosting. The address where your website lives. You also check this article that shows you what to look for when you choose hosting.

A WordPress theme. Themes allow you to customize colors, layout, fonts on your site.

Content. Includes text, images and other media that you use on your website to communicate with your audience.

Page Builder. Today there are a number of drag and drop page builders that make the task of creating a website so much easier.

Plugins. These are different software that increase the way your website functions.

Now we will find the items you need to start building out your website. Here I’m going to make some recommendations based on products that I use myself.

Recommended Products

Now we will find the items you need to start building out your website. Here I will make some recommendations based on products that I use myself. 

The total cost shouldn’t exceed a hundred dollars if you follow my recommendations. Just click the highlighted sections to get the tools.

Domain. Head over to Namecheap to purchase a domain. Enter the name you would like in the search box to see whether it’s available. Once you have bought your domain we are going to host it on Siteground hosting.

Hosting. For this tutorial I am choosing Siteground as my hosting provider. There are a few reasons why siteground is my hosting provider of choice. 

  • Their excellent support for wordPress hosting. All this at a fraction of the cost of what other wordpress hosting providers charge.
  • You can build out your site on a temporary domain first and then push it to your real domain.
  • Also you can create a staging site that allows you to test changes before implementing them on your live site.

I know it sounds daunting but don’t worry  it’s really quite easy


Choose A Theme and Page Builder for Your Website

WordPress Theme. Although there are over 90 thousand themes in the wordpress repository that you can choose from, you will need to be careful when picking out a theme for your site.

  Make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with your business model. Otherwise it might turn out to be a nightmare when you try to customize it.

There are a couple of themes that are very customizable.  One is the Astra theme and the other is a newer theme called Kadence.  

Because astra has been around for awhile-in fact it is being used on over 1 million wordpress websites-I and recommending the Astra theme.

wordpress theme astra

They have a free version as well as a pro version. Because this is your first site and sometimes new entrepreneurs are on a budget, we will use the free version of the software. You can always upgrade later.

Page Builders. These are software that allows you to map out the layout and design of your website.  There are a number of Page builders on the market, including WordPress’s own block builder. But we are going to use Elementor. 

Elementor is a popular page builder that lets you easily import prebuilt sites into wordpress. All you need to do is customize them to suit and you’re good to go. Absolutely no coding skills required.

There is a free as well as a paid version of Elementor. As with all software the free version is a bit limited I suggest you go with the Pro version. The annual license cost $49, but is well worth the time and effort it will take to customize your website. 

Get Your Download Your Free Start-Up Checklist Here

Get Content to Build Your WordPress Site

Web Content. Your website content will be in the form of text, images and videos. If you are a creative type you can create as much of this  content for yourself. However if you aren’t there are plenty of places you can source content from. Here are a few of the:

Canva is a great resource that allows you to create and personalize visual content. Just sign up for a free account. Use the drag and drop editor to design visual content for your site. Canva also has a paid version that gives you a lot more flexibility especially when it comes to branding yourself.

Free images and graphics are also available on sites like Pixabay and Unsplash.Simply enter your keyword into the search bar and tons of useful content will be at your fingertips. 

 Just ensure that the content you find online are under free  licences such as Creative Commons License otherwise you may find yourself in a legal minefield for copyright violations. 

WordPress Pages and Posts How They Differ

Any wordpress site is made up of pages and posts. So what’s the difference between them?

Pages are static pages on your site. Once they are created they rarely change. Each website should have these five basic pages. They are:

  •  Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy
  • Tems

On some websites the privacy and terms pages are often combined. 

There also needs to be a cookie notification on your site. 

This is to comply with GDPR rules. And if you are offering affiliate products, there has to be a disclosure to comply with FTC Guidelines.

Posts on the other hand are dynamic. You can edit, update or delete your posts at any time  You may create as may post you like. This is the main channel of communicating with your subscribers..  

Must Have Plugins For A WordPress Site

Plugins.  The last thing we will need are some plugins. What are plugins in WordPress. These  are software that boost the security and functionality of your website.

One drawback with plugins is that they are made up of codes so they can weigh down your site resulting in slow loading speed.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to limit the amount of plugins you use on your website. Thats why we’ll use the Pro version of Elementor because it combines a lot of the functionality in one Plugin. So you won’t need to add many different plugins to achieve your goal.

However, there are some plugins that will make your site performance better and provide security. I will list a few below.Many of them are freemium plugins in that they have free versions but allow you the ability to easily upgrade to a paid one. The basic types of plugins you will need are:

  • Security 
  • Page Builder
  • Backup
  • Analytics and tracking
  • SEO
  • Performance

The difference between free and paid of plugin versions is the amount of features and flexibility the paid versions offer.. I have found that when I go with a paid version from the start, it often eliminates the need to install other add-on plugins that can interfere with the performance of my site.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to build out your WordPress website.

If you carefully follow the instructions, within a couple hours you will have your own fully functioning WordPress Website.

Still not up to the challenge,  contact us to let us know how we can help!

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