How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Guide

This post is an affiliate marketing guide. It  is designed to help struggling affiliates get in on the money.


Because affiliate marketing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on the internet.

In fact according to Statista.Com 2020, by the year 2022 the affiliate marketing industry is projected to become an 8.2 billion dollar industry in the United States. 

Yet many Affiliate Marketers still struggle because they have no guide to show them how to get in on the money.

So, if you are an Affiliate Marketer, who is not yet earning a decent imcome from your narketing efforts, following the steps set out in this post will be helpful.

One survey shows that 90 percent of Affiliate Marketers earn less than 20,000 annually, while the other 10 percent is crushing it. How is that possible? The people who make real money with affiliate marketing are not just doing what everyone else is doing. They are playing the game at a different level.

If you really want to learn how to make money doing affiliate marketing this guide shows you how to play the game like a pro. Let’s look to see how they are doing it.

However, it is important to note that the strategies are not a quick fix. It involves taking careful, deliberate moves to become successful.

Here are five strategies you can start implementing now in the affiliate marketing campaigns.

Your Affiliate Marketing Guide to Choosing the Right Product

Before you choose a product to promote, take time to learn about it.  In come cases it might be necessary to first use the product yourself to see whether is delivers.

Find testimonials from people who are already using that product. You can easily do this by checking reputable review sites across the Internet.  There are of lots of them. Just ask Google.

See whether there is a demand for this particular product. If no one I interested in a product, there is no point in your trying to promote it as an affiliate. There are sites such as Clickbank.Com that will give access to you data about performance of products in their marketplace.

 Learn how to access that information and use it when making a decision as to what to promote.

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Define Your Audience Before You Start Promoting an Affiliate Product

Truth is, if you try to market to everybody you will end up selling to nobody.  So, have a clear picture as to which audience would be an ideal fit for the product you’re promoting. Then can focus all your marketing efforts on that audience. Once you have your audience picked out, find the places where they hang out.

One way to find your target audience is through Facebook. If you have a Facebook business account you can easily build a target audience inside of your account. The Facebook algorithm will give you insight on which are people interested in your product and where they hang out, you will have access to important data such as their age, gender, interests and location.

You can really use this information to drill down to find the people who are a right fit for whatever it is you are promoting.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Guide

Another way to get information about your prospective customers it to go to sites that specialize in audience insights.  One such site is This site tracks the top 100 websites on the Internet.

Your Guide to Creating An Affiliate Offer For Your Target Audience

The data you collected when you defined your audience should have a prominent place in the way you carve you offer. You should never forget that consumers aren’t really looking to buy another product: they are looking to get a solution for a problem. 

If you keep that in mind when creating you offer, you want to provide at least two solutions for fixing the prospective customers’ problem.

 Your first solution may be a shot-term fix while the other would be more long lasting. That way you over deliver. And that’s the name of the game in doing affiliate marketing today.

That’s what will make you stand out from the other people who are promoting the same affiliate product you are promoting.

How to Convert Your Prospects Into Becoming Buyers

So how do you do that. Let’s say your affiliate product is a light bulb, your prospect wants to have light in a room that’s why he’s looking to buy a light bulb. When you create your offer, you want to center it around the benefits of buying that particular light bulb because of its special features.

However, in addition you can provide additional help. For example, you could educate the prospect on how long the light bulb can last is it’s only burning for a certain number of hours a day. And how much he will save if he follows those guidelines. Sounds silly, but that may be important to a prospect on a budget and affect decision to purchase

 Just that simple extra step will probably make a world of difference to the prospect. And this is how become more that just an affiliate marketer promoting a product. You are forming a bond with the prospect.

Building Relationships Is The Way to Boost Affiliate Earnings

Speaking of bonds and relationships, affiliate marketing is no longer a transnational model where people click on an affiliate link and buy a product. It has become a relationship-based model.

And that’s why cultivating a bond with prospective customers before offering to sell them something is critical. The affiliate marketers who understands how to do this are the ones that are making the most money doing affiliate marketing.

Today more than ever it is really easy to form a bond with your potential customers online. There are a number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows you to do that. This is one piece of tool any serious affiliate marketer must have in his affiliate marketing arsenal.

Here’s how CRM software work. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be used to monitor behavior on potential and current customers as they interact with your sales funnel.

With the software in place you can collect data about leads, monitor what they do on your platform and use this information to connect with them on a more personal level.  

This personalized engagement can take the form or specialized re-targeting ad campaign and customized email marketing. Of course, this kind of interaction will likely lead to more conversions and sales.

Getting Traffic to Your Offer:The Final Step

Getting traffic to your offer is one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is converting that traffic into sales. 

To start the traffic process, you need to master at least two methods of traffic generation. Note the words master and two.

You never want to rely on one of anything in your business, so you must learn how to get traffic form at least two separate sources. Mastery denotes knowing these sources inside and out.


 First, decide which traffic sources you want to use. Study how each source works. That’s because what works for one platform may not work for the other.  Adapt the style of your offer to fit the source you are using.

However, getting traffic to your affiliate offer is only one piece of the puzzle. The other is getting that traffic to convert into sales.

According to industry standard only 1 to 2 percent of the people landing on your offer will purchase on their first encounter.

 However, if you have laid the groundwork by following steps 1 through 4 of this Guide, you will find it easy to re-target them. After that conversion and sales should be easy.


So, there you have it, the five-step affiliate marketing guide showing you how to make money doing affiliate marketing. I am sure you realize that it is not as easy as placing an affiliate link in an email or on your website.

It takes some diligent work to because you need to:

  • learn how to choose a product
  •  determine who you are going to market that product to
  •  find where you prospective customers are and what results they are looking for
  • start bonding with your prospects before pitching your offer
  • master traffic and conversion and which traffic source works best on which

Once you have taken all of the above actions, will begin to see massive results in your affiliate marketing.

Applying what you learn, makes the difference you earning one thousand dollars or one million dollars.

Are you an Affiliate Marketer?  What strategies have you used to increase your earnings?

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