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Are you  interested in becoming an affiliate marketer?  Here are some affiliate marketing tips for beginners. Following them should help you land that frinst sale in very litte time.

But what is affiliate marlketing?

Affiliate marketing earning is commission based.  It’s  similar to how a car salesman or an insurance agent gets paid.  The major difference is affiliate marketing is  done online.

The answer is quite simple. As with everything else, everything else you get out what you put in. So you must put  some work in before you can expect to get paid. Your job is getting a full understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

That work is learning how affiliate marketing really works. The question now becomes, “Is affiliate marketing worth it? 

Sure it is!

This posts has some helpful affiliate marketing tips for beginners. 

As soon as you understand the concept, you’ll need to implement the necessary steps. This will lead to you not only earning your first affiliate income but, easily earning a full time income as an affiliate marketer. 

Once you make your first affiliate sale, it is basically rinse and repeat the process and watch your income grow.  I followed those exact steps and that is how I made my first affiliate sale. So, what do you need to know? keep reading.

Affiliate Tip: Find Products to Get Your First Affiliate Sale

First you will want to look at industries that you are familiar with. Just think for a moment about the things you buy online. Then just think how you would rate those products if you had to. 

Now do some research to see what other users are saying about the product.   

After that ask yourself,  “What do I know about this industry as a whole that could be useful to me as an affiliate marketer?

 Now it’s time to start looking at that or similar companies in that industry that you want to align yourself with.

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Some Beginner Friendly Affiliate Programs

A few of the most popular programs and networks out there are Amazon, CJ Affiliates, Share A Sale and Clickbank.

You can also join private label affiliate programs. These are companies that run their own direct programs. A couple of them that come to mind are of these are Clickfunnels and Fiverr.

To find these private label affiliate programs simply go to the company’s websites and scroll down to the footer section at the very bottom. You will see a link that says affiliate. 

This link will take you to a page that gives you all the information you need to become an affiliate and how to apply. 

 Whichever route you choose make sure it aligns with your own long-term vision as an affiliate marketer.

According to Neil Patel niches will be big in 2021. Therefore it is very important to choose a specific niche for your affiliate marketing.

How to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Offer


Drill Down to Find the Perfect Niche

So not only do you want to narrow down your product selection, but you also want to be definite about who you will sell your product to. This is referred to as creating your musketeer.

Your musketeer is the ideal customer. Get as detailed as possible when creating your ideal customer. Why? Because your marketing efforts should be geared toward that buyer. This will help ensure that you make not just your first sale, but earn many more affiliate commissions.

When you are satisfied with what you learned, it’s time to fill out an application to become an affiliate. Usually, you will receive a yes or no to your application within a couple of days

How to Get Your First Affiliate Sale

Once you have located your product you will apply to become an affiliate. If your application is approved, the the affiliate manager will give you an affiliate link. 

Use this linke to promote your offer.

Note that different networks have different requirements for joining so you may need to wait for a few days to be approved. 

Now that you have your product it’s time to get it to your customers.

Now It's Time to Promote Your Offer

It is time to combine the information you gathered in your research with the knowledge you previously had, to promote your offer.

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 Here’s an example of what you should be doing.

Let’s say your niche is  in the health and beauty industry.

When you were doing your research, you found a company that has a great skin care product that you liked and you decided to promote that product.

The first thing to do is to find where people who are interested in that kind of thing hang out. Usually there are tons of social media groups and communities where people who share that interest would hang out.

Your job is to find those spots and become active in the communities. Share your discoveries and ask questions and get feedback. Learn what people are really looking for. 

Once you start interacting, other community members will notice you and defer to you for help. This gives you the opportunity to recommend your affiliate product and to share your affiliate link with them.

A word of caution. All communities have rules about self-promoting. Be sure to follow these rules or you will be booted from the group.   

You also want to get some paid ads going. Google and Facebook ads are a good place to start. Here’s a link to some excellent training you can follow. 

How to Increase Your Income From Affiliate Marketing

The number one way to increase your income as an affiliate is through “product stacking”. What’s that?  To put it simple is you offer two or three products that are interdependent in one promotion. Here’s an example. Going back to your skin care  product. 

There is a Guide that teaches people interested in the product how to follow a skin care routine to get the best results. This guide is sold separate from the actual product. You can offer that Guide to a buyer as well. Because even though these separate products, they are related. 

Now when a customer buys your initial product, You can offer her the Guide. No doubt she will see the value of buying it too. So, instead of earning one commission, you can earn two commissions.

That’s how product stacking works. It’s what you see in those “customers also bought” recommendations when you make online purchases.  

Get Fast Traffic to Your Affiliate Offer

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Now that you know what it takes to make your first affiliate sale it’s time to get started. As you gain more experience, look for products that offer higher commissions. It will take the same amount of work and less units of sale to make more money. Bottom line is keep these points in mind:

      • You need to put some research work in
      • Find a profitable niche
      • Choose a product that delivers good results
      • Provide value to your prospective customers
      • Learn how to stack products effectively

If you think I missed something, please feel free to let me know. Leave a comment  below:

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