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Meet Joy Walker

How would you like to become a successful Digital Marketer? We at Joywlifestyle can help you.

Meet Joy Walker, Founder at Joywlifestyle where we share some of the most useful tools on the internet to help new digital marketers.

Joy is a 50 something mother of four adult children and one darling grandson – Ashton who is the love of her life. She lives between the Philadelphia suburbs in the northeastern US and Atlanta, Georgia in the South East.  When she is not busy on her computer, she is travelling, reading or doing cross word puzzles. She also likes to meet new people.

So, What Can this Successful Digital Marketer Do for You?

Hi:I am Joy and I want to help you become a successful Digital Marketer even if you have zero experience. But first let’s deal with the elephant in the room. The one thing I cannot do is make you rich overnight.


Because most people who start out online believe they will become millionaires in a matter of months. After all that is what most of the training programs out there promise to do for them. Truth is there is no magic formula.

It takes a lot of sleepless nights, coffee, vanilla ice cream, and facial tissues to get there. But it can be done.  How? With hard work and dedication.  What I can do for you is show you the tools I used and how I used them to get the best results.

 Are you still hanging around? Then… 

Here's What I Can Do for You

We, at Joywlifestyle, have found some of the best courses, training and resources on the internet. And we want to share them with you.


Because when I started out in this online business thing, I didn’t have clue what I was doing. But I persisted and learned a lot.

However, best of all , is that I met some very interesting and helpful people along the way. This is my way of repaying their kindness.

As I said before, I can’t make you rich, but I can tell you these tools work.  Take advantage of them while you are building your business.

Joy walker founder at joywlifestyle
Joy Walker Founder of Joywlifestyle

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